Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainbow Lapbooks

OK here's the outline for my rainbow lapbooks...we obviously did 2 - one for X-man and one for DJ. A video of a similar lapbook can be found at Lapbook Lessons. On both lapbooks I also cut out small rainbows on colored construction paper making small flaps. On the inside flaps I wrote the name of the color in Spanish and French, on the outside the kids each wrote the color in English.
You can check out the vid of the lapbook here...
Common Printables:
Rainbow Circle Fold: this is so the boys (or me, for X-man) can write how a rainbow forms.
ROY G. BIV: An easy way to learn the order of the colors for the rainbow. I actually cut off the second column of colors and cut them into individual squares. I then wrote the word for each color on each square. The other column was colored by the boys to go with the first initial...I just made it into a game - they take out the cards and shuffle them then match them to the correct color. (For DJ I wrote the colors in Latin on one side, Spanish on the other).
Color Songs: This page (you have to scroll about3/4 of the way down the page) takes each color and turned them into childrens songs - great for learning how to spell each color!
Color Wheel: Easy to identify the colors and how they mix!
Makeing A Rainbow Coloring Sheet: We cut out the center square and the boys colored the rainbow, sun and cloud. This is a great graphic for the front cover or inside the lapbook!
DJ's Lapbook:
Color Spectrum: I attatched this to the following booklet.
How Rainbows Are Made: I printed the pages from this and assembled it into a Minibook (with the previous Spectrum) it's a cute way of explaining light theory.
Prisms: A little flip booklet, attatched with brass fastners, that explains a little about what happens to light when it hits a prism - a raindrop is a prism too!
Newton Mini-Booklet & Complementary Colors Mini-Booklet: We just them out then gave a brief synopsis on how Newton affected Light Theory and we colored the flowers with complementary colors.
Layered Book: We filled this with the Japanese Names for the colors along with their symbols.
Venn-Diagram FlapBooks: these were used for DJ to show color mixing.
Pocket: This pocket was used to hold the Latin words for the colors. I cut a square of every color of construction paper and wrote the name in Latin on it.
X-Man's Lapbook:
Letter "R" Rainbow Traceable: This is to help him learn to write the letter R in upper and lower case.
Color Mixing: learn a little about Primary Colors mixing to make Secondary Colors.
Rainbow Site Words: I just joined these with a brass fastener...they don't really have anything to do with rainbows (other than being on the pic of an umbrella) but can't have too many site words!
Word Color Sheet: This was a great traceable for the Primary Colors.

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