Monday, June 1, 2009

Oceans Gallore!

Starting in June we're focusing on the Ocean and all it's animals - my youngest will be doing a lapbook on ocean animals, my oldest is putting together a Notebook. Basically we're reading the Magic Tree House octopi book and working from there.

Homeschool Share has free lapbooks for Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, and Reefs
Here's some other fantastic resources we're using for our notebook.

Here's a few more on ocean habitats"
Atlantic Ocean
Sea Stars -
Sea Turtles -
Sea Birds -
Hello Ocean - (younger students)
Manatees -
Jelly Fish -
Fish & Fishing -
$20 Ocean Habitat's Ebook -
'Island of the Blue Dolphin" Book lap book
Ocean Crafts
Ocean in a Bottle -
Why is the ocean salty?
Submarine Safari -
Lesson Plan -
Sea Creatures -
Unit Study -
Unit Study -
Sea Life Food Chain -
Coloring Pages -
Ocean Animals -
Ocean Bingo -
More Free Printables:
Pictures -
Marine Ecosystems -
Virtual Exhibit -
Resources -
Ocean Sensory Center -
Crustatians & Arthropods:
All about lobsters -
Ocean Geology:

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  1. I enjoyed watching you on youtube with your combo lapbook/notebook. It looks excellent. A lot of work has certainly gone into this. Thanks for sharing.