Monday, May 25, 2009

Winter Holidays

Winter Celebrations - well, seriously this is about Christmas, Hanakkuh, Yule and Kwanzaa. Since they are all very similar and I'm trying to teach my kids about the major religions in the world I decided to make a Lap book containing them all - which means it's a huge lapbook (it took 5 file folders as it was essentially 4 lapbooks combined into Again there was no real pre=packaged lapbook that included them all so here's what I came up with...
*We had a KWL Printable for each Holiday: "what I Know, what I Want to know, what I Learned"
Christmas - Facts about the holiday. We focused on "The Night Before Christmas" book as well as "The 12 Days of Christmas Song" (as this ties in with Yule.) -- Origin of the 12 Days song ; Christian Associations for each of the 12 items in the 12 Days of Christmas ; 12 Days Clip Art; 12 Days activity sheets (we used page 6 to draw and write about the origins of the song); The Night Before Christmas lap book.
Hanukkah - Facts & Explanations. we learned about the 8 nights with 8 lights, then we read the book "The Trees fo the Dancing Goats" where a Jewish family helps their Christian neighbors have a happy Christmas (showing diveristy is wonderful!) the lapbook to go with the story is here. Songs worksheets(Dreidel, Spin, Spin, Spin; Hanukkah) Hanakkuh research printable/Hanakkuh Writing Prompt ; OH we made the background with white plain paper and did potato prints on them.
Kwanzaa - Facts about the holiday. printables ; explanation of the symbols; clip art; Kwanzaa Poem ; Poem; peom 3; kwanzaa song; We also read the "My First Kwanzaa Book"
Yule - For a history we used an article I had written for associated content...Yule Symbols explained; some yule (as well as some Christmas) clipart, clipart2, Yule Prayers 1, 2, 3, 4, Yule Carols, a yule story I wrote was also put into the lap book.

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