Friday, May 22, 2009

Inauguration Lapbooks

My Inauguration Lapbook

Here's some of the resources we're using:

  • History of the Inauguration (including Facts)
  • Presidential
  • Notable Facts
  • Some great printable like word finds and such. And of course, the king of printable at enchanted learning.
  • We'll even be learning about the history of voting that dates back to ancient Greece.
  • We'll be doing a research project to learn more about Barak Obama. We'll learn about Hawaii (where he lived for a while) as our state of the week. As well as learning about Kenya as our Country of the week (where his family was from).
  • We're also going to learn about Abraham Lincon (whom Obama wants to emulate). And we're going to learn about the freedom of the slaves, and the 15th Amendment which prohibits states and the federal government from a citizen's race, color or previous status as a slave as a voting qualification. Its basic purpose was to enfranchise former slaves.
  • We're using the Letter I as our letter of the week and will be learning some of it's rules (like I before E except after C). My preschooler will be doing the What begins with the Letter I mini-book at dltk-teach. We'll also use this to make signs on what we would do if we were president.
  • And of course we'll combine it with our Martin Luther King Jr lessons and crafts from first-school.
  • And for art we're beginning a chapter on Impressionism Art.

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