Monday, May 25, 2009


The kids are learning all about China this month (among other here's some of the links we're using....the lapbooks look awesome so I'll download a vid of it soon!!

DJ's 2-4th grade Lapbook: Reference Mat'l
World Fact Book
China: People & Places
Ancient China & Lesson Plans
Virtual Tours of China
Religions in China Lesson Plan
Homeschool Share
FIVE UMBRELLAS Submitted by Jan Five umbrellas stood by the door, The red one went outside, then there were four. Four umbrellas, pretty as could be, The blue one went outside, then there were three. Three umbrellas with nothing to do, The green one went outside, then there were two. Two umbrellas not having much fun, The yellow one went outside, then there was one. Just one umbrella alone in the hall, The purple one went outside, and that was all.

X-Man's k-1st Grade Lapbook: Reference Mat'l:
How People Live in China (Homes)
Kids go to school
Let's Get Ready To Go To China!! (we made our own min-book on these prep facts)
Climate & Geography
Transportation in China
Sun Mini-Book
Wind (since China invented the kite)
Wind MiniBook

Go Wind! By Lilian Moore Go wind, blow Push wind... swoosh. Shake things ,take things ,make things fly !Ring things ,swing things ,fling things high! Go wind, blow Push things... whee! No, wind, no. Not me, not me!

SPRING WIND BLOWS Teach your little performers this chant to help them start thinking about wind.

The spring wind blows this way and that Oops! Watch out! There goes my hat! (Wave hands above head.) The spring wind blows round and round. It blows my hat across the ground. (Move arms in a rolling motion.) The spring wind blows. Spin, spin, spin! Oops, it blows my hat again! (Move hand in a circular upward motion.) The spring wind blows left and right. Then it blows my hat out of sight! (Move hands to the left, then right.) (Wave bye-bye.)

I also found these wonderful printable workbooks on Saving The Giant Panda from the Smithsonian.

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