Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumn

Well, we're in full swing of our main curriculum - we tend to lighten up during the summer though we do technically school year round. I absolutely LOVE the change of seasons, and try to make school extra special on those days. Today is the first day of Autumn - therefore we'll be learning all about the season, what causes the change in seasons (here in the North East especially), what causes the leaves to change color, etc. We'll be using things like apples and corn in our lessons and we'll make some leaf decorations for the house and make some home-made candles to put in our emergency preparedness kit for the coming winter.

Some of the great resources we'll be using:

Worksheets & Resources:
Johnny Appleseed Lapbook -
My favorite kid's Pagan Ezine -
Why do leaves change color in the fall? -
Corn fun & lessons -