Monday, May 25, 2009

Magnetism & Electricity

So I've finally gotten a PDF program, which will allow me to make my own little flapbooks and such for my boys (I'm so excited!). Now I can finally share the files and designs I've come up with!!

Electricity Links:
Ben Franklin history & impact on electricity.
Thomas Edison - one of the most famous inventors in America
Nikola Tesla - one of the most awesome inventors, who wasn't very popular because of a feud with Edison.
Elementary Experiments on electricity & Magnetism {We will be using the simple circuit and I just made a flip book to go with it, we also used a magnet in several different experiments.}
Fabulous Static Electricity Facts {we also used a baloon to demonstrate these facts in our 3rd experiment}
Alliant Energy has a nice kids site
One of my favorite kids electricity websites - Kids Corner
The US Dept of Energy has also put together a kids energy website

Magnetism Links:
Science for kids on Magnets
Brain POP has put together a nice magnet lesson plan
Fact Monster has an awesome site on magnetism

Here is my mini-lapbook on Electricity & Magnetism

Let me know what you thought!!

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  1. Hi. I try to open Flap books' links but they are not working. Can you help me?