Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Homeschool

The Holidays are so crazy, I know I wouldn't be able to focus to teach and I know the boys wouldn't be able to focus to we skip traditional school in favor of unschool and a couple of lapbooks. This is what we do in August as well. This isn't saying we don't learn, I still encourage the boys to research on-line any questions they ask me throughout the day. They also have ot spend at least 1 hour on (together) learning. But otherwise, we focus on arts/crafts (making our gifts) and learning about the most popular world-wide holidays at this time of year..... Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc. This is the lapbook we'll be starting on Sunday and continuing till July 6th (the 12th night).

So I thought I'd pop in an idea of our holiday/vacation schedules so everyone could have an idea of what it looks like for us.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
I work for a couple of hours in the morning, so the boys stay at the child care room at the gym, where I work. DJ (who is 7) has to help out. He has to bring 2 early reader books that he has to read out loud to the children, then he helps the child-care workers with the babies in the room (coddling them, protecting them, playing with them, singing to them, etc). X-man does an art project. When we get home at about noon, they eat lunch and can watch Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood then Between The Lions. Then the kids help me on a Yule project (cards, gifts, wrapping, etc). At 2pm the boys go on time4learning. At 3:30 (ish) the boys are alowed to play on either or else Disney Channel's website. Once dad get's home they have to do their chores.

Tuesday/ Thursday
Generally they'll work on a lapbook or we read a story together (chapter book that is generally reserved to bed time). We talk a lot and check out cool things on the computer. Otherwise, we spend most of the day making gifts.

That's about it!!

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