Monday, May 25, 2009

The Artic & Magic Tree House

My son has been collecting Magic Tree House books for a while now, so now that he's capable of reading them on his own, he has to do a lapbook on each on as a means of doing a book report.
I'll post what I've made this week for next weeks Polar Bears Past Bedtime so you can see it. (remember the user name is kickbutttidbits with the password kickbuttmama) - This is the Lapbook for the Book report....the following is the lapbook for the Artic and Polar Bears and there are 2 whole separate lapbooks in this I only designed the one above.

Here are some of the worksheets and such we're using in his Polar Bears After Dark book:
All about polar bears by SeaWorld:
Polar Bear Facts:
Polar Bear Families :

Xander's Polar Habitat Lapbook:
Polar Bear coloring page (cover sheet): /
Polar Animals cover sheet:
Polar Bear Cupcakes:
Alphabet tracing
Number tracing
Days of the Week (w/ bears)
Months (w/ bears)
Both of them got to play :
Bears of the Sea downloadable (FREE) board Game.
And we read about Polar Conservation.
We also learned more about creating a Polar Habitat here.
A great printable Artic booklet is here.

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