Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dinosaurs Combo Book

For now through the first 1/2 of the summer we're learning all about the ocean (see earlier posts) but the second 1/2 of the summer is dedicated to here's some of what we'll be usin (in another Combo book).

So, I'm thinking the chapters of our combo book will be as follows:

  • Dinosaurs - general info like definitions of a dinosaur, timeline, life in those time periods -how it differed, world geography of the time (placement of the continents) dino families (how they're catagorized) etc
  • Paleantology - a few notable scientists, what is paleantology, tools of the trade, most popular places, etc.
  • Earliest Animals - these would really be the precursurs to dino's in the Precambrian and Paleozoic periods.
  • Dino's of the Triassic*
  • Dino's of the Jurassic*
  • Dino's of the Crestaceous*
  • Evolution (descendants of the dinosaurs)
    *The Dino's sections will be broken into Producers (plant life), Primary Consumers (eat consumers - aka herbivors), Secondary Consumers (eat primary consumers - aka omnivors) and Tertiary Consumers (eat secondary consumers - aka carnivors)


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