Sunday, June 7, 2009

more on the 50 States

For our state-by-state lapbooks, I went to and printed some of their Choose-A-Country Lapbook From their list (which, granted, is for global geography, and we're working on state-to-state) I printed the following (which, believe it or not, was only about 1/2 of what they had offered for countries):
People: name, population, history
Geography Tab: highest & lowest point, area & bodies of water
Borders Matchbooks: water border and land border (for state border or ocean border)
Famous Person Accordian: which we printed 3 per state
Capital Matchbook
Major Industries Flip Book
Can You Believe It? : which we printed 2 for cool facts

Then I searched on for pictures of the state bird, state tree, state bug, and history of the state flag. I also got most of the state information from

Using the blank templates from I used the following:
Flag Shapes - to color in the state flag
Native Info - this is a little flip book on who the native inhabitants of the state were and what happened to them after European colonization.
I'll uplead the pic as soon as I find the cord to my digital camera (

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