Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Fav. YouTube Vids

education.The kids love it!! And it's free, so mom loves it I thought I'd just add a list of some of my favorites for y'all...
The Universe Song 50 States & Their Capitals
The US Presidents (to Clinton) Nations Around The World
We Sign (sing language) Sign A Song (sign language)
Signing Time: The Zoo (sign language) School House Rock (The Body Machine)
The Shape Song US History Rap
The Wowzies (money) 7 Days in a Week
The Coin Song Colors / Colors In Sign
The Spanish Alphabet Numbers in Spanish
Telling Time / Telling Time in Spanish Survival Spanish Course
How Much Does It Cost?/I'll Take It/ Counting to 10 in German
German 101 Tutoring for Mom - Teaching Math
Just for whoo-has I'll add this my favorite body weight workout vid.

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