Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out To-Go Bags

Jeez, I hate Grocery Shopping Day!Because my fam only has 1 car, on days that I need it, I have to drive my husband to work at 7am (I'm soooo NOT a morning person). Then I have to go to the bank. Then, generally, the kids beg for a doughnut. Only then can I meet my dad at the various stores. Do all the shopping. Go home to put away the groceries. Have lunch. Then wait an hour or so to go pick up my hubby from work. That's on Thursday. Then on Friday, I have to repeat the experience. See, I'm really, really that means shopping at a minimum of 4 different stores to get the best prices...then there's also the coupon clipping and circular perusing....ugh...This also means that every 2 weeks Thursday and Friday are a little pressed for time & stress, making HS a bit more of a challenge.

So, I bring our to-go bags. These have lessons they are capable of completing while in the it's probably not as good as having my full attention on the lesson, but it's the best way of not skipping days for our family.

Our To-Go bags include:
Writting Lessons (a writing notebook for each child with the page prepared for the words or letters we're working on)
Coloring pages: I'm slightly obsessive, I admit it, so I prepare a folder each week that contains coloring pages, connect-the-dots, etc that have to do with the lessons we've been covering.
Simple Worksheets: Lets face it in the car the handwritting suffers, so I add a few simple math, history, geography, etc worksheets to the folder.
Writing Utencils: Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils a Pencil and an Eraser all erasable (no use destroying the interior of my new car).
Clip Board: Makes writing on laps easier
Small books (1 for each child)

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