Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's The...FLU!!! AHAHAHA

Ok, seriously? I think this whole swine flu is a bit insane. Yes I worry about any type of bronchial thing going around every year, since my oldest has a compromised respiratory system - with severe asthma. But really people with perfectly healthy family members are the first in line to get these immunizations. I just don't understand the freakout. We have the flu go around every year - and every year it's a crap-shoot as to whether or not hte vax will be the 'right' one for the strain of flu that does the rounds. The medicines used for the swine flu were last used over 30 years thanks.

Here's some truth's I've dug up. I have no say in whether anyone decides to get the vax (although now they're almost impossible to find - and what's up with that? 'They' Said it would be a pandemic then don't make enough shots for everyone? Did they forget how many citizens we had? Ugh)

According to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny of Global Research here are the ingrediants of the Swine Flu vax:
1. Egg Proteins (which are in just about every flu shot every year, another reason my kids can't take them as they're allergic) this vax also includes avian cantaminant viruses
2. Gelatin- also known to cause allergic reactions especially in those with egg allergies
3. Polysorbate 80 (Tween80) can also cause extreme allergic reactions including anaphylaxis
4. Formaldehyde - known carcenogen
5. Triton X100 - a strong detergent
6. Sucrose - table sugar
7. Resin - also known to cause allergic reactions
8. Gentamycin - an antibiotic
9. Thimersol - 49.6% ethyl mercury (still found in multi-dose vials)

Who doesn't the Flu Shot work for?
1. Babies - a review in 2006 of more then 55 different studies spanning ver 200K children found there was no real decline in babies between birth and 24 month contracting the flu after vax.
2. Kids with Asthma - at the 105th American Thoracic Conference it was presented that children who had received teh vax were more likely to be hospitalzed with the flu than those who were not.
3. Adults (it only works in 6%)
4. Not in the Elderly another review of over 64 studies spanning 94 flu seasons determined there was no appreciable difference between hospitalizations/doc visits for the elderly who had taken the vax.

Even Scarier?

Our own pharmacutical companies might be trying to poison us. Seriously. I'm not a conspiracy theorist normally, but I came across a blog from The Alternative Doctor Blog Network told a story of the avian flu outbreak last December. It seems that Baxter International (a leading US pharmaceudical company) attempted do distribute a Flu vaccine to over 18 countries. Luckily During shipment the Czech Republic tested some of the vax on ferrets. The ferrets ALL died. Oppsie. It seems the vax was accidentally contaminated by H5N1, which is a form of the avian flu virus classed as a bioterrorism agent - oh and it has a kill agent of over 60%.

So it's a little scary to me that the story has been brushed under the carpet. And now Baxter is one of the leading producers in this H1N1 vax. You couldn't pay me to put that poison in my kids.

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