Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Qua es nos? - Where are we?

Since we're learning Latin this year, I thought it only fair that the kids learn a little about where the language origionated and was used the most. So we're going to be learning about Rome and Greece. We're also learning about their Myths and Deities. Here's some of the plans I have for learning about these fascinating places...

Travel For Kids: Rome
Travel For Kids: Greece
National Geographic Kids: Italy

Around The World in 80 Tales
If I Were a Kid in Ancient Rome
The Best Book of Ancient Rome

Lapbooking like:
Homeschool Share
Jimmies Ancient Greece
Digging up Ancient Civilizations
Sugar Plumbs Lapbooks

And We'll Listen to Ancient Roman Music like:

And we'll watch the BBC's :
Ancient Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire
As well as the student documentary - Rome: A Look at an Ancient Society

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