Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesome new link!

I'm so excited! I've finally found the perfect math site for my boys. The college kids who started the site deserve medals! The videos are short and sweet and somehow put even the most complex math concepts into terms the kids can understand. I had been using for the last several months, but I don't like that it's mostly a type of review - like a worksheet just on the computer. THere are no lessons or real interactive information, so I was still somewhat at a loss on how to teach my oldest son - the audio learner - math concepts. He was stuck at about 3rd grade, he couldn't remember multiplication tables so we've gone back to the several times with no success. But after watching their video on Khan he went through their practice sheets like he'd been doing them for years! He just suddenly got it!!!

If your child is an audio learner like my 9 y/o you may also be banging your head against a wall. Math is all about working things out on paper (for the most part) and audio learners have close to zero attention span for paper work. BUT I found this great site that's TOTALLY FREE and has video clips explaining every aspect of math in ways kids can understand!!!

Khan Academy

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