Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, one of the questions I've heard the most is about organization. How do I find the time? As most of you know I am a mom of 2, I homeschool both, I'm a personal trainer, I teach kickboxing, I write articles, I teach Sign Language, make blankets for the Linus Project, and I run several online support groups (over 7500 members world-wide now!! Whoot!)...on top of normal cooking and cleaning... so I'm often asked how I fit it all in. I'm a total type A personality so I'm naturally a bit anal about organization. But I believe I developed some good tips & tricks while I was an engineer. So, to help out my non-type A friends, I'm developing a website dedicated to becoming a true Domestic Goddess - with tricks on organization, cleaning, cooking, shopping, scheduling, living within a budget, and not forgetting to dedicate some time each day on MOM! You'll be able to check it out at

M.A.D.G.E. stands for - Me? A Domestic Goddess? Eeck! (lol)

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me add. I'm calling in favors from all my super organized friends so it won't just be my advice!

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