Thursday, September 17, 2009

Patrick Swayze - RIP

It's amazing to me the imact some people can have on the world for very little. Seriously, movie stars aren't pivitol in creating world peace, they don't work to cure hunger (although many do do a lot of charity work). They basically get paid lots of money to play dress-up for a couple of hours in front of a camera....but we love them for it.

Dirty Dancing is right up there with Beaches, Grease, and the Breakfast Club in movies I watched a billion times in my tween and teen years. I absolutely wanted to marry Patrick Swayze when I was about 16 y/o. Grrr .

Sadly he passed away a couple of days ago...and I find that I really am somewhat sad, and I'm forced to ask myself - Why? Sure it's always sad to realize we're getting older, each of us another day, minute, second closer to the time when we'll pass - so I'm sure that's part of it. I'm sure some of it is that these actors are made to be somewhat super-human in our esteem...we're all shocked when they exhibit the same behaviors as us mere mortals - things like getting sick or dieing. But I didn't really know him. I know he had a drinking problem for several years and there were rumors of his really what did I admire about him? Only his tight buns and perfect biceps? Am I really that shallow? I don't recall if he ever did any amazing charity work or was an ambassador of peace or I guess I really am that shallow...that I'd be sad that the world has one less pretty person in it. So, now I'm somewhat ashamed. I think from now on I'll strive to only be sad when the world is deprived of a beautiful soul rather than a beautiful face......

I'm not saying Patrick Swayze wasn't a beautiful soul. I never knew him. I just watched Dirty Dancing and Ghost millions of times, crying my eyes out at the stupid line, "Ditto". Wanting to take up pottery, lol. But his death has made me realize that even though I watch very little t.v. and even fewer movies, I still have more growing to do. Until I can pass by then register at the grocery store and not be intrigued by the stupid tabloid mags spouting the latest gossip. I need to banish tv and movies for a while. Get my head on straight. That these 'stars' aren't really stars at all. They don't shine with a brilliance from within (again acknowledging that some really do). They shine because they had a lucky break, a beautiful set of genetics, are able to pay truck loads of money for spa treatments and plastic surgery. I no longer want to be that false.

Time for some soul searching!

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