Thursday, September 17, 2009

Egg Spiriments (LOL)

So we've been working on our Anatomy and Physiology. Even though I had planned on studying the Ocean first, the kids vetoed the decision.

We did a really cool experiments with eggs. One cup was full of water, one with vinegar and other with Coke Classic. Into each cup we placed an egg for twenty four hours. An egg's shell is made from calcium carbonate - much like our teeth. So we were trying to determine what effect certain foods had on our teeth if we didn't brush (as DJ has his first cavity! Even though he brushes every single day).

The kids were shocked and appalled. The vinegar completely dissolved the shell, and the Coke permanently stained the shell brown - no amount of scrubbing could clean it off. My kids aren't allowed Coke to drink now they think they understand why (we haven't gotten to sugar's impact on the body

So DJ was writing to his friend (an e-pal) and he said "we've been doing egg spiriments".....LMAO I think he meant egg experiments or else experiments, but both my BFF and I laughed and have decided all future experiments should be referred to as egg spiriments!

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