Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Bet my castle will be stronger than yours!"

It's been rainy and yucky here. The kids have been a little grouchy, i've been in pain (aka grouchy)...while sitting the kids in seperate corners. I asked them what project they wanted to start next (as they have wrapped up just about all the things they've been working on since Jan). They sat quietly a moment, glaring at each other; then my youngest said, "I bet i can design a better castle than you" to which my oldest replies "no way. Mom's on my team, dad's on yours." (mind you they are still glaring at each other) Youngest, "conditions...specifications?" Oldest, "has to be designed fully in blue print form, and built so it can open like a doll house to see the inside. And it has to be at least 1 cubic foot in size" Youngest, "and it has to be made in one week" Oldest, ", can we find an architecture app?" Then my kids spent a super quiet 4 hours with rulers, pencils, and computer and ipad applications for drafting, designing their own castles. They are planning on using a variety of materials to build....can't wait! Man, nothing beats HS, when this is what arguing gets an 8 and 10 y/o on a Wednesday I'll definitely post pics. It was great - they used CAD programs to do the general design, which they then transferred to graph paper so we could figure out the exact measurements. They had to use multiplication, division and geometry to get where to place studs and windows and the arch of the windows and doors. Lol... They will begin assembly today. I'll keep posting updates! I believe they decided on using popsicle sticks and glue. They each had built Trebuchet's (catapults) at co-op this past semester, so i think the goal is to see whose can withstand the assault.

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