Monday, March 19, 2012

Last week...(3/12-3/16)

Last week was lots of fun in our house. We built our Trebuchet's, and we learned about Pompeii and the boys built a volcano (one where the lava will glow in the dark!) we also did spring cleaning a bit early, but the weather has been more similar to late Spring than late Winter (it is going to be nearly 80!)

At co-op the kids wrapped up filming for their music video, it was so fun!

The boys also learned about fractions and decimals, and how to manipulate them...

AND they learned a little bit about Pi since this past Wednesday was Pi Day - i think they were sad to realize this did not mean they would be EATING

The boys have also been working on writing and illustrating their own story book. I am so proud of them, especially Daniel. These stories are really good! I will post them when they are finished.

Lastly, the boys have been learning about Morse code and today they are building a Morse Code machine, like those used by our military! They are excited...

We are hoping to finish our presentations for the International Geography fair which is comming in a few weeks.

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