Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Summer

This year was a wild ride. From my oldest embarking on the long road to an Aspergers diagnosis, our first foray into the world of Co-Op and both my hubby and I getting laid off, it's been an interesting ride. But I've learned so much this year - about myself, my children, and about how best to teach them and encourage the young men they are. This summer i'm hoping it will be fun and interesting and educational. I technically school year round - but our summer months are more like fun projects rather than lots of 'book' learning. Furthermore, both DJ and Xman work on the same project (rather than doing some stuff at one level and other stuff at the others' level). Well, here's our plans - mine and there's

My Homework -
  • Finish designing my Latin Curriculum. It's been beyond frustrating with the crap on the market for young kids in the subject of Latin.
  • Put together a list of Lapbooks to do for the coming year, and complete them.
  • Design the curriculum for the next year.
DJ's Special Project -
  • Design and write Pokemon website, as well as starting Web Store
Boys Joint Projects -
  • Make a Solar Car. We're going to be building medium size wood cars and then building small solar enginges.
  • Percy Jackson & The Olympians series as well as learning about Greek & Roman Gods, Roman Times, and what the world was like in ancient times.
  • Multiplication - get comfortable with Multiplication
  • Alice in Quantum Land & Scrooge's Cryptic Carol - learning a bit about physics and quantum physics.
  • Exploring Painting and other mediums of art.

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  1. Sounds like you have a great plan for the Summer. We are finishing up our 'school year" (although we school year round also) this week! Looking forward to being more relaxed for sure! Have a great Summer!