Saturday, April 9, 2011

Art Fair Project - Optics & Light

We are so excited to finally have the International Fair behind us...and what do I do? Sign them up for another fair of course!! (I'm still looking for a science one in our area for HS' our year will be complete). This time it's an art I'm not super arty - I am crafty (as evidenced by all the craft things we just did for the other fair), but we're now on a strict budget so purchasing a ton of craft supplies is outta the question....

Instead, I spent $30 on all our supplies (and will have whatever film development costs these days, I'm budgeting another $10 for our 36 exposures)...

Purchase List: (from Amazon)
DIY Pinhole Camera - $12.95
Super Sunprint Kit - $14.95
35mm, ISO 100 B&W professional film - $7.44
1 PVC Pipe w/ End Cap
Weather Stripping (aka foam rope w/ adhesive)
1 Roll Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil (for making reflective Surfaces)

  • Pinhole photos (using various light strengths as well as some reflective surfaces)
  • Sun Prints (using the same light strength and reflective surfaces)
  • Digital Photos (will show the progression of photography as well as exposure)
  • Home-Made Kaleidoscope
  • Rainbow on Paper Experiment
  • Blue Sky Experiment
  • Milk-dish soap-food color/ color mixing experiment
Links -
Make and Use a Pinhole Camera, by Kodak
Opaque Surfaces, by Teacher Vision
Reflecting Light Rays, by Teacher Vision
Light Experiments ABC Teach
Fun and Learning With Photography, by Edutaining Kids
How Camera's Work, by How Stuff Works
How Digital Camera's Work, by How Stuff Works
How Photographic Film Works, by How Stuff Works
History of Photography & Processes, by the National Portrait Gallery
Trouble Shooting your Pinhole Camera, by
Understanding Photography, by Wikipedia
Understanding Histograms, by Luminous Landscape
Intro to Photography, by Pieces of Science
Build a Darkroom & more, by Black & White World
Light & Optics, by Physics 4 Kids
Optics For Kids, by Optical Research Assoc
Make a home-made Kaleidoscope, by Univ of Arizona
Experiments with Light, by Hunkins Experiments
Make a Rainbow on the Wall, lesson plan by Lesson Plans Page
Make a Permanent Rainbow on Photo Paper, by
Optical Illusions, by Weather Wiz Kids
Blue Sky Experiment, by Weather Wiz Kids

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