Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow, I did it!

Ok I'm fairly excited. I finally decided to sell some of  my lapbooks, workbooks, worksheets and presentations. Many mom's both here and on CafeMom encouraged me. HUGS! So I finally decided to start another blog (like I don't have enough already? LOL) that was dedicated to just that, selling great resources for our kids.

Home Educators Toolbox

I don't have every single one of my resources up yet, but I do have some. I'm currently working on...

Magic Tree House Books:
Mummies in the Morning (& Ancient Egypt)
Night of the Ninjas (& Ancient Japan)
Vacation Under the Volcano (Volcanoes and Pompeii)

Dr. Seuss Books:One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
I Can Read with my Eyes Shut

Simple Machines
Intro to Chemistry

Math:Mysterious Multiplication
Sly Subtraction
Dubious Division
Intro to Algebra & Geometry

Check out more soon!

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