Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Terrible Blogger

What a horrible and ignorant woman - who spouts about feminism seeming to forget the main point of the feminist movement was CHOICE. http://clarissasbox.blogspot.com/2011/01/homeschooling-as-form-of-child-abuse.html Now not only does she stop on feminists who choose to make a happy home, she also thinks we are messing up our kids (not to mention cultist religious freaks) for choosing to homeschool them! Ummmmmm, in response to her blog I ask one question......Where would feminism be if a group of people didn't stand up to the establishment and shout their right not to fill the preconceived hole made for them in society? Well that's what I'm teaching my soon to be socially inept little boys....if by socially inept she means leaders and free thinkers...then you betcha!


  1. Hi, I saw this posted over on The hOmeschool lounge...read her blog and saw her post responses...although I am a homeschooling parent, my response to her was something along the line that it's a free country we live in and we all have the right to have Freedom of Speech. I don't agree with a single thing she says, but, she does have the right to say it...we just don't have to read it...lol...

  2. She is incredibly uninformed and narrowminded. I agree with nothing that she said in her post!

  3. Well said! I hate the way that as a woman of the 21st century I'm expected to want that high flying career while I leave my kids in childcare, and I hate the way I'm made to feel that I need to defend my choice to stay at home with my kids instead of passing them on to another person to look after them.
    As you say - they fought for choice, not to shoe horn females into another stereotype!

    I'm seriously considering starting to homeschool my oldest with special needs. A little bit afraid but as the days pass I start to become more and more inclined towards it over the other choices. Luckily for me there does seem like there will be at least some supportive voices should I decide to go down this route.