Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lapbook Resources for 2011

Here are some of the free lapbooks we'll be doing this coming year. They are in no particular order and I have them for both boys here ( Xman is 6 y/o, DJ will be 9 in a few weeks) as I post their curriculum you'll see how everything fits together. We also school year round so I plan for 52 weeks of school. Furthermore, some will be put in a 2-ring binder together as a combo book - this is how make our text books. When we do a subject they pull out the book rather than having a million file-folder lapbooks all over. There are also some info on Mini-Offices on here. ENJOY!

Squidoo, homeschool share; homeschool helper; lapbook lessons
Space Lapbook; Solar System
Mabon Lapbook - Autumn Festivals
Classical Music; M is for MelodyMozart
John James Audobon; Backyard Birds
Greek Classics ; Greece
The Maya
Ancient China
Ancient Egypt; Egypt
Ancient Rome
Hands on Fractions
K-1 Math Review - Early Math
5th Grade Mini Office -- mini-office resource -- Language Mini-office
Ice Age - research, another research
Aesops Fables
Intro To Chemistry; Intro to Chemistry 2Periodic Table
Civil War
Grocery Store
Phonics, Vowels;  Spelling/Phonics Rules ; Phonics "at"
Lapbook-a-person - Biography
  Abe Lincoln
  Geogre Washington
  Ben Franklin
  Betsy Ross
Character Study - Citizenship
Plague (Middle Ages)
Subtraction Facts
Viking Adventure
Boston Tea Party
Parts of Speach

File Folder Games for lapbooks
Multiplication; multiplication
Pumpkin patch phonics ; Shamrock Phonics; Nouns/Verbs
Character File Folder Games
Fish Fractions
Science & Roman Numerals
Skip Counting

Other Tidbits - printables, coloring pages, worksheets, etc.
Greek/Roman Myth & Heroes Coloring Pages
Egyptian Hierogryphs
Grade 5 printables; Grade 5 printables; math; printables; printables
Grade 4; Grade 4; math ; printables; printables
Grade 3; Grade 3; math; printables; printables; printables
Grade 2; Grade 2; math; printables; printables; printables
Grade 1; Grade 1; math; printables; printables; printables
History Worksheets;
English Worksheets
Music Worksheets;
Science Worksheets;
Multi-Grade Worksheets;  math; Grammar K-2; Grammar 3-5; Grammar 6-8; printables

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