Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy Science Bday

Awwww my baby boy is now 6 years old! Xman turned 6 this past Thursday and yesturday we had his party. He requested a Mad Science party - he had seen a flyer of a company that has an employee dress as a character and conduct funny experiments...I thought, sure, but why pay them to do it? So we researched some fun, easy experiments and made our own crazy science party.

Each child got a Science Kit goody bag:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Ruller
  • Compass
  • Lifesaver Wintergreen Mints
  • Mentos
  • Rock Candy wooden stick & clothes pin
  • Lab Notebook (with each of our experiments explained in each one)
  • 2 unblownup balloons
The Experiments:

  • Sparking Candy (and other electricity experiments like with balloons)
  • Planting Fun (learning about plants and soil)
  • Rock Candy (learning about sedimentary rocks)
  • Fantastic Foamy Fountain (we compared 6% & 3% solution hydrogen peroxide, and leared about exothermic reactions)
  • Color Explosion (we compared the grease breakdown strengths between Joy & Palmolive dish detergent).
  • Exploding Soda (we learned about gas pressure)
To see the printout for the Lab Notebooks and the descriptions/explinations of the experiments view Birthday Experiments {username: kickbutttidbits password: kickbuttmama }

{Bday Scientist!}

Lil' Scientists!

Planting Fun

Soda Explosion (it was pouring I got toally soaked! The kids stood on our awning covered porch screaming a countdown to me then cheering wildly as the soda exploded!)

Fantastic Foamy Fountain

Color Explosion

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