Monday, December 14, 2009


We had some errands to run (really rare for a Monday morning). Now that I passed my Personal Training Exam (YAY!!) I can again focus on HS...well if it wasn't like 10 days to Christmas! But since neither my DH nor I get paid until Friday there isn't much I can do on that front. During HS today I knitted the youngest cousin a Cuddle Bunny, so I did whittle the list down a little

While driving home from Walmart X-man felt compelled to sing carols. Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells and Roudolf. He had 80% of the words wrong, so I worked on them with him. It was really cute.

For school today we learned about the job of an illustrator. I read the stories The Frog Prince and The Peach Boy (a Japanese Folk Tale). Then the kids drew an illustration that represented the story. The Peach Boy was supposed to by for DJ while the Frog Prince was for Xman but they didn't agree and each drew a pic of the other We also learned about the Ice Age and the history of people who lived during that time - how were they different from us.

I have to say, even I doubt myself sometimes. I've always been very relaxed in HS. I've never been a teacher who read something and expected my boys to remember it. I tried it a couple of times - using a chalk board or dry erase board - and it drove us all crazy when the kids couldn't remember what I had said. So I let it go. I also never pushed them to do work they didn't feel ready for (even though I often worried about laziness coming into play). But I will No Longer worry! After I read these two stories out loud, DJ repeated them almost word for word for my DH when he came home. Apparently he's ready to move onto some more traditional learning!! Xman is still into the 'out of the box' learning, but that's ok he's only 5!

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