Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation to VT

my in-laws cabin

We just got back from the longest vaca we've ever taken as a family....5 blissfull days without tv, computers, or thee phone! It was wonderful! The kids ran around outside from sun up to sun down...they rode on the 4-wheeler with dad (and even I learned to drive!). We went to our family reunion on Sat, at the beach. My youngest, Xman, proved he's our sporty child by both learning to ride his 2wheeler and to swim completely unassisted - things his nearly 8y/o bro still can't do!

It was just so nice to focus completely on bonding - w/ no work, groups, classes, or homeschool..although it only took 2 days for the boys to beg for some relaxed and focused on developing next years lesonplan. Here's some pic's

xman & dad DJ & dad

Pretending 2 drive

"Look ma, I'm doing it!" Look, Mom's doing it!

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